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Your smile is your best accessory, so it makes sense to make it bright and beautiful. At Tuckahoe Family Dentistry in Henrico, Virginia, friendly and experienced dentist Adrian Avram, DDS, offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures to make your smile its very best. To learn more about teeth whitening, veneers, composite fillings, or even a complete smile makeover, use online booking, or call the office for your consultation.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth. A dental implant typically consists of a titanium base with an attachment on top. The implant base goes directly into your jaw, where it eventually integrates with your bone to become a tooth root replacement. A custom crown connects to the implant attachment, fitting securely in place as your tooth replacement. 

Can dental implants replace multiple teeth?

Yes, you have a couple of dental implant options if you’re missing multiple (or even all) teeth. One option is an individual dental implant for every missing tooth, but if that’s too expensive or complicated, you can choose implant-retained dentures or an implant-retained bridge. 

Implant-retained dentures and bridges include a small number of dental implants; dentures, for example, usually require around four per arch. The implants can hold up to an entire arch (top or bottom) of teeth snugly in place. 

How does dental implant planning work?

Dr. Avram uses all of today’s most advanced technology in dentistry to design your dental implants plan, including digital X-rays, 3D computer mapping, 3D computer models, and detailed photographs from an intra-oral camera. Dental implant design is a highly precise and complex process, and Dr. Avram personally creates the entire customized plan for your unique needs. 

Although Dr. Avram works with other specialists during the dental implant process, he’s always the chief engineer. He closely supervises the whole process to ensure ideal results. 

How long does the dental implant process take?

From start to finish, it can take around three to six months. But, you spend only a small amount of time in the dental chair during that period. After the placement of your new dental implants, you have a healing cap — a smooth cover — that protects the implant attachment. 

You might get a crown (temporary, or possibly permanent) at the same time you get your implant. It takes several months for your dental implants to fuse with your jaw bone, and it’s normal for your mouth to change slightly during that time. That’s why you usually get your permanent crown restoration only after the implant fuses fully with your bone. 

Dental implants are comfortable, perfectly fitted tooth replacements that function just like healthy natural teeth. Find out more about how dental implants can work for you by calling Tuckahoe Family Dentistry, or booking online now.