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A bright, healthy-looking smile is an amazing appearance boost, and it’s now super easy to achieve with professional teeth whitening at Tuckahoe Family Dentistry in Henrico, Virginia. Adrian Avram, DDS, offers both chairside whitening in the office and home whitening to erase years of stains, giving you stunning white teeth. Book your appointment online or by phone today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What causes teeth stains?

Many different things can cause or contribute to tooth stains, including:


Beverages are one of the most common tooth stain culprits. Red wine, coffee, tea, dark-colored sodas, and fruit juices all contain color pigments that can bind to your tooth enamel.


Some types of food, particularly those with very rich or intense colors, can stain your tooth enamel. Common tooth-staining foods include tomato sauce, soy sauce, beets, and food cooked with bright spices like curry. 


Tobacco contains two ingredients that can stain your teeth, nicotine, and tar. Tar can darken your teeth while nicotine can tinge tooth enamel yellow.


As you age, your tooth enamel wears down gradually. This can expose the tooth layer just below your enamel, the dentin. Since dentin is yellowish naturally, your teeth can look discolored over time.


Some medications, including the antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline, can stain teeth if taken early in life before teeth fully develop. Some antihistamines and hypertension medications may also stain your teeth.

There are also other reasons for stained teeth, such as tooth trauma. Most types of tooth stains are treatable with professional teeth whitening at Tuckahoe Family Dentistry. 

What are my teeth whitening options?

There are two great ways to whiten your teeth: in-office whitening in about an hour or a customized take-home system that you wear daily for a few weeks. You can also combine in-office and home whitening based on your whitening goals. Dr. Avram helps you determine the right option for your lifestyle and needs. 

Tuckahoe Family Dentistry uses only the highest quality teeth whitening products. Professional strength teeth whitening products are temperature sensitive, so Dr. Avram only uses teeth whitening products from trusted sources with rigorous quality control standards. 

Both teeth whitening options can give you predictably impressive results. Most patients enjoy noticeably whiter teeth very quickly. 

Can I whiten my teeth if I have sensitive teeth and gums?

Yes, absolutely. Tuckahoe Family Dentistry employs special strategies and techniques to customize teeth whitening products for teeth and gum sensitivity. Even if you’ve experienced a bad reaction from teeth whitening before, Dr. Avram can help you have a comfortable and successful experience now.

Tuckahoe Family Dentistry is ready to help with fast and effective teeth whitening. Book your appointment online or by calling the office now.